Our work

GreenEye uses satellite imagery to monitor coffee production throughout a harvest season. At present our largest coverage area is Brazil. Brazil alone accounts for 40% of the global coffee supply.

We also work on site specific areas with farmers and stakeholders to monitor the farms they care about.


Coffee Producers

Percent of Production

What the data shows?

Calculating Total Quantity of Harvest and year over year percent change

When we graph the relative production levels of a country we can derive percent change of the total production on a year over year basis.

In the example here the harvest starting in 2018 had a negligible production decrease of 1.1%.

From this data GreenEye predicts a Guatemala 2018-2019 harvest of 3,758 thousand 60 kg bags of coffee.

Satellite Based Coffee Production Monitoring in Guatemala

Relative Yields over Harvesting Months

Where do we go from here?

More data

More coverage

Higher accuracy

Better results for our clients


Increasing Availability of Satellite Imagery

Increasing Sample Frequency Leads to More Accurate Data

Analytical Product Offerings


Provide GreenEye with the coordinates or Google Maps location of your farms and we will feed your database the sites’ NDVI over time. NDVI is an incredibly powerful indicator of vegetative health!


With your farms geospatially defined, GreenEye can determine forest canopy structure. Very useful in determining areas in need of pruning or for auditing certifications like Rainforest Alliance.

Drone Map

Have GreenEye visit your site and create a 3D photogrammetry model. This is a very high definition and precise record of your site!


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 Photo credits (from top to bottom): Peter Sinnott Waimea Coffee Company, Lockheed Martin