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GreenEye’s mission is to provide scientifically derived quantitative global coffee harvest statics to all players of the coffee market. Our patented satellite based method allows for production monitoring on a global scale in live time. We aim to leverage our technical advantages over traditional coffee monitoring methods to create actionable data for all interested parties.



GreenEye’s goal is to generate useful farm production data for coffee market participants of any size. We are able to monitor farm specific sites in the most remote coffee producing regions while at the same time being able to multiply this method across our geodatabase of thousands of farms to monitor production on a national or global scale.

–Global Harvest Monitoring

a. Designed for traders or any organization with financial exposure to coffee production or price volatility.

b. For forecasting supply

–Site specific monitoring

a. For coffee farmers, farm owners, NGOs, coffee importers, or other interested groups

b. Saves these organizations money as all monitoring can be done remotely




The idea behind GreenEye was born on a coffee farm in Chikmagalur India in 2016. It was while assessing farms for various international certificates to capture premium prices for rural farmers that GreenEye’s Founder Peter Cecil Sinnott invented and patented the only satellite based method of monitoring coffee production.

Over the course of the next year Peter published several reports on behalf of the Coffee Board of India concerning farming methods while developing his satellite monitoring method.

GreenEye was incorporated in 2017 and a patent was awarded in 2018.

At current GreenEye is monitoring the seasonal coffee harvests of Brazil and Central America. Consistent monitoring is next planned to be introduced in The Philippines and Timor Leste.


See the reports?

Global Harvest Monitoring

Site Specific Monitoring